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I am not an HP fan. Just so we're clear~

Occupation: College graduate (BFA in Graphic Design, May 2008), Sales associate at an art gallery store.
Religion of Choice: an Agnostic Unitarian Universalist (pretty exciting, huh? xD)
Personality: Generally happy, open-minded, and optimistic. :O Sometimes lonely, sad, and angry.
Dream: Either drawing manga or editing it..... or doing anything manga/anime related. xD (who doesn't?)
Obsessions: Prince of Tennis, Houshin Engi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Tap Tap Revolution (aka Stepmania), Kingdom Hearts, and Axis Powers Hetalia.
I am highly opinionated on: Gay marriage, abortion, women in general, scanlations, Viz. And furries.

I say it with Tuti!

Hotta, Ishibashi and Toyanaga are three years Tenimyu experience Love

Taijou Roukun is sleepyhead love

KHII:FM+ AkuRoku cutscene is I need a tissue box love.

All praise dark_squall for The Lord's Prayer:

Dear taka, who art in fuji,
Burning be thy name.
Thy racket come.
Thy greato be yelled,
On stands as it is on court.
Give us this day our daily engrish.
And forgive us our scoring,
as we forgive those who score against us.
And lead us not into Hyoutei,
but deliver us to Seigaku,
For ever and ever

♥♥♥ I married synnesai at marry_a_ljuser ♥♥♥